Movie – Oz the Great and Powerful: F

oz great and powerfulF
They littered this film with such terrible CG, I think Disney was creating one of those rides where you wear the 3D glasses and then decided to scrap that and turn it into a movie. The constant in-your-face-for-3D shots combined with blatant greenscreening ruined any hope at decent cinematography. The plot was beyond nonsense and actors screeched and lumbered through their horrendous dialog. I can’t even tell who to blame; the actors for their awful performances, Raimi for failing to direct them in any way, or the writers for forcing those scenes on them.


Movie – My Week With Marilyn: B-

I didn’t like most of the main characters, even after they “revealed” themselves, especially Marilyn Monroe. Biopics are all about performances, but Branagh’s portrayal of Laurence Olivier was the only one I enjoyed, though the other performances were probably fine. The writers simply couldn’t convince me to try noticing.