Movie – The World’s End: A+

worlds endA+
I love me some good wordplay and The World’s End is bursting with hilarious dialog. But that isn’t to say the action wasn’t up to par too. All the actors were at their best, especially Pegg and Frost. And it was full of great tie-ins to Wright’s other two films in his “trilogy”, though they risk moving from “signatures” to “evidence of a lack of ideas.” But not yet. Right now they’re still delicious icing on an even more tasty cake.

Movie – Star Trek Into Darkness: A

star trek into darknessA
Like the first Trek reboot film, this one offered another great space adventure. It’s filled with action of varying types, but all highly entertaining. The humor remained fantastic, with Scotty and Bones stealing the show once again, but this time with even more screen time. Sulu didn’t get to shine in this one, but he got to sword fight last time so he can take a break. The plot was less solid this time around, and may have been a bit heavy on the homage to the source materials, but the strength of Abrams action sequences more than made up for it. In his Trek films, when things are frantic, things are fun. And things are often frantic.

Movie – The Adventures of Tintin: A-

Though most have concluded that Tintin is an animated version of Spielberg’s own Indiana Jones, for me it felt more like a close mimicry of all the other Indiana Jones clones than the source itself. Most notably, the complicated yet flowing action scenes, where the landscape is literally falling apart, reminded me of the Uncharted video games. There was certainly enough adventure and wit to make the movie good, but not quite enough to make it notable.

Movie – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: A

Apparently the transition from animation to action movie is a good one, as Brad Bird crafted another gem here. The locations were great, the characters entertaining without being ridiculous, and the action continuous and  thrilling. The entire segment in Dubai was stupendous. Definitely the best of a (previously) lack-luster series.

Movie – Paul: B+

I like the other Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy flicks and this one was similar thematically and structurally. I loved the subtle sci-fi references and some of the not-so-subtle ones too. Much of the humor was based on the tried and true rule of “cursing is funny” which is a rule to which I subscribe.  Unfortunately, the story starts in Comic-Con, which brought up recent personal frustrations.  But, of course, I’m not still harboring resentment at all…