Movie – This Is The End: A-

this is the endA-
I had major doubts, but This Is The End really surprised me. Especially the special effects. They were better than a lot of big-budget affairs. The actors found beautiful caricatures of themselves and drained every drop of humor that could come from that, to fairly funny results. There were a few scenes where the obvious improving lingered a little too long, but an easy premise and simple character arcs made for a breezy, light viewing.


Movie – Oz the Great and Powerful: F

oz great and powerfulF
They littered this film with such terrible CG, I think Disney was creating one of those rides where you wear the 3D glasses and then decided to scrap that and turn it into a movie. The constant in-your-face-for-3D shots combined with blatant greenscreening ruined any hope at decent cinematography. The plot was beyond nonsense and actors screeched and lumbered through their horrendous dialog. I can’t even tell who to blame; the actors for their awful performances, Raimi for failing to direct them in any way, or the writers for forcing those scenes on them.

Movie – Rise of the Planet of the Apes: B

I’d originally avoided the movie as part of the lamentable franchise, but gave it a chance after all the Oscar hoopla Andy Serkis was getting. (Though he still didn’t get the nomination.) There were certainly no surprises and it seemed to drag several times. It picked up once the apes really became the focus, culminating in a fantastic action sequence on the Golden Gate Bridge. All the humans were terribly trite though, especially the pointless girlfriend character.