Movie – Side Effects: B+

side effectsB+
This thriller did everything I expected of it. It had the requisite shocks and plot twists without getting ridiculous. It was suspenseful without over-doing it. The acting and cinematography were on point without drawing attention to themselves. But it was too meticulous, doing everything right but nothing outstanding. That sounds really pretentious doesn’t it?

Movie – Hugo: A

Wonderfully crafted and perfectly paced. It’s adventerous and fun. Everything turns out the way you’d expect, but the world is so expertly crafted that it’s impossible not to enjoy the journey. Themes are unique and persistent, and the characters have just the proper quirks and nuances to remain intriguing.

Movie – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: A-

There was definitely lots of what I liked from the original, but all the world-jaunting and technology-expanding seemed to add gimmick instead of substance. I liked how Moriarty’s abilities mimicked Holmes’ but my favorite aspect from the first, Holmes’ unwavering assurance that the widely believed explanation was incorrect, was sadly downplayed to allow for a bit of humanizing failure. Rapace’s character was almost entirely pointless. Still a fun film, though.

Movie – Contagion: B

The camera work was great, lingering on things people touched to note the inevitable spread of germs. But the film overall lacked any sense of urgency. Too many characters made it difficult to care what happened to one and the scale of the plague was never rendered strikingly enough. The focus on the medical professionals was a mistake, as I assumed (correctly) that the doctors would figure it all out.

Movie – Gattaca: A+

Hard sci-fi is just so good when it’s done well. Gattaca is realistic, relevant, and engaging. The narrative flows perfectly and the setting is unique and detailed. It made me look forward to the upcoming In Time. And sc-fi-apprehensive Naomi liked it too! Hopefully it’ll be a gateway film for her.