Movie – Premium Rush: B

premium rushB
For a movie purporting to be so fast-paced, it sure was easy to see everything coming. Things moved along quickly enough to stave off boredom, but too formulaic; like re-watching a race after knowing who wins. Still interesting but without the adrenaline. And the antagonist was entirely too cartoonish. The only character I really liked was the bike cop and he was just a repeated gag character.

Movie – Lincoln: A

Like The Academy, I’m a sucker for speeches and stories about racism. Lincoln was wonderfully full of both. I’m much less enthralled by politics, around which, of course, the entire film focused, but luckily the film’s extensive attention to detail and Daniel Day Lewis’ probable-oscar-winning performance brought entertainment to the subject. Biopics should always be set in a limited time frame as this was, rather than the subject’s entire lifetime or even career.

Movie – Looper: A

I love time travel when it’s done as well as this. I didn’t expect the heavy levels of another sci-fi element, but it worked well too. Its vision of a more conceivable future was well-formed and it was easy to accept how things “worked” in order to be lead along by the story. Some slow parts, but still quite satisfying.

Movie – The Dark Knight Rises: A

As a fully indoctrinated Nolan-ite, it’s difficult for me to judge this movie honestly. Simply giving it an A instead of A+ required some serious mental anguish. But it’s not a perfect movie. It’s a great movie, but I felt some off-balance pacing and a bit of predictability hurt its *ahem* rise to meet the hype. Though this predictability may only present itself to those versed in Batman lore. There were dozens of sequences I loved, and that fantastic Nolan dialog I can’t get enough of. It brought the conclusion the series needed, but the effects weren’t as awe-inspiring as its predecessors.

Movie – The Lookout: B

It was a well-woven story with a fulfilling climax. Both the characters and the plot were believable. It utilized stylistic and literary themes with subtle grace. Unfortunately, I could barely stay awake. If I didn’t know the movie was about a heist, something at which it doesn’t even hint for a long while, I’m not sure I would’ve finished it. The entertaining ending left a satisfying taste but it still clashes with the lingering boredom from the first act. Would’ve been a better as a book I think.