Movie – Man of Steel: B-

man of steelB-
I’m trying to look back and think of a moment where I thought, “that was awesome!” But I can’t. And when none of the attempts at substance work, a film needs those moments. The pseudoscience was bad, but not quite “reverse time by spinning the earth backwards” bad. The CG fight scenes looked cartoony, which is where I think Superman should stay. Remarkably unremarkable.

Movie – The Man with the Iron Fists: C

man with the iron fistsC
It certainly felt like an authentic kung-fu film, right down to the dialog so terrible it sounded like a bad dub. The characters filled their niches and I loved their various specialties/weapons/costumes. The sets looked great too. But when Dave Bautista gives one of the best performances of your film, something is wrong. I’m not sure how Russel Crowe wandered onto this set, but he looked like was having fun. The actual kung-fuing was pretty standard wire-jumping, nothing special.

Movie – Les Miserables: C-

les miserablesC-
Taking a play and adding special effects, no matter how beautiful, did not make for a successful formula to turn it into a movie. I don’t hate musicals, but singing every line of dialog was unnecessary, and at times difficult to understand. The sets looked like, well… sets, and not part of a greater city. I’m not as disappointed in Russel Crowe as everyone said I should be. But since he and Jackman were the only characters with full arcs I can see how his lack-luster performance would be more noticable. Also the movie would not end. It just kept going. Forever. So many time jumps…

Movie – Broken City: C

broken cityC

Broken City was so bland I can barely recall the flavor. Perhaps I was tapped out on political thrillers after watching House of Cards and The Killing. Wahlberg, Crowe, and Catherine Zeta Jones all portrayed their boring characters admirably while the story lumbered on around them. You’ll forget this film while the credits are still rolling.

Movie – State of Play: A

I saw this in the theater when it came out but I don’t remember enjoying it as much. It had several of the good kind of plot twists. You know, the kind that make you say, “of course!” instead of, “wait, what?” Plenty of good acting, and from actors I like. I must have been tired or something the first time.

Movie – The Next Three Days: C

First of all, the “next three days” of the movie, the few days after you escape that it is hardest not to get caught, are not clear, nor are they important. Poor title choices aside, the movie felt like it was three days long. It did a good job at showing the slow, deliberate, and methodical dedication that a jailbreak would take, but that method of story eliminates the suspense. Not a terrible, but an entirely ephemeral experience.