TV – Game of Thrones: Season 4: A+

game of thrones season 4A+
This season’s “All men must die” tagline certainly proved apt, and the show continued to reenforce how choosing favorite characters is not a good idea. The Red Wedding from last season saw the deaths of many major players, but not since Season 1 have we seen so many fall, and in such creative, satisfying ways. The full-episode battle at The Wall was easily the best battle scene I’ve watched on television. There were of course plenty of great performances, especially The Hound, Tywin, and predictably, Tyrion. Lots of interesting developments left most characters at the ends of arcs, so that the season felt wrapped up, but with plenty of intriguing uncertainty about where things will go from here.

Movie – 300: Rise of an Empire: B

300 rise of an empireB
Like 300, it’s a mostly random mosaic of stylized action, sculpted abs, and testing the very limits of hyperbole. But most of what made 300 so guiltily entertaining came from its source material. The best visuals, and all of its numerous fun-to-quote lines come from Frank Miller’s comic. Without those, the film drags when you aren’t witnessing one of the great battle scenes (this time entirely naval, which was fun). Ava Green attempts to steal the show, and Sullivan Stapleton’s performance attempts to let her, but neither of them could recapture the fun of Gerard Butler’s ridiculous yet awesome Leonidas. Perhaps it was his beard. It was probably the beard.

TV – Game of Thrones: Season 3: A+

game of thrones season 3A+
It’s nearly impossible to review this season without focusing on the divisive penultimate episode. While it can be argued that it crossed too far past “bold” or “daring” into something more akin to “sensationalist”, no one should claim it was boring. But the lead up to that beautiful episode had loads of fantastic moments too. Jamie underwent some interesting character “growth” and Peter Dinklage further showed why he earned his accolades. Arya continued to entertain, mostly due to her hanging out with the coolest minor characters on the show. Daenerys had a great moment of badassery mid-season but then her story got a bit redundant.

Movie – Dredd 3D: A-

I’ve never read any Judge Dredd comics, but I appreciate its niche. Ultraviolence, played straight. Carl Urban was great as Dredd, but I wish there’d been a few more one-liners. Some of the slo-mo scenes were a bit dull, but one with a firefight was fantastic, as were many others of the copious gun battles. The female side-kick was developed enough to be more interesting than I expected, but still didn’t impress much. The plot begs comparison to The Raid, but sci-fi gunplay didn’t satisfy as well as cringe-inducing martial arts mayhem.

TV – Game of Thrones: Season 2: A

There was quite a different tone than season 1; with significantly more magical goings-on. Though I enjoyed the first season more, I think that may have been from watching it all in one sitting, rather than weekly as I did this time around. The stakes seemed higher this season, but the consequences weren’t as dramatic. There were some incredible moments though, especially in the penultimate episode (written by Martin himself.) I loved some of the new characters, anxiously wondering about their inevitable demises. The wait for season 3 will be painful.

TV – Game of Thrones: Season 1: A+

Like most shows with such a numerous cast, it took a bit to establish each of the characters, but they did so quickly enough that I wasn’t ever lost. Lots of different plot lines with different emotional underscores melded seamlessly as I discovered the goals and faults of all the various central characters. I raged at the characters I was supposed to hate, felt for those for whom sympathy was expected, and celebrated those who I couldn’t help but root for. I eagerly await season two.