Movie – Godzilla: A+

I’ve been a Godzilla fan for years, despite most of them being cartoonish at best and simply awful at worst. But not this time. This Godzilla does everything as it should. The natural disaster metaphors are clear. The danger-of-nuclear-power legacy is evident. And they found a way of making Godzilla the “good guy” without dumbing him down. The human perspective worked great, creating that confusing sense of breath-holding terror alongside humbling awe. Everything looked great too, with awesome visuals throughout (though at times at the expensive of logic). And of course, the final giant monster smackdown is almost overwhelmingly entertaining. Godzilla is finally worthy of his King of Monsters title again.

TV – Breaking Bad: Season 5: A

Breaking_Bad season5A

It’s rare that a series gets wrapped up as neatly as this one managed, and Breaking Bad more or less ended exactly as one could expect. I felt the events of the previous season were more entertaining, mostly because season 5 had no real antagonist, especially not one that could match Gus. Still, there were some great scenes (train heist!) and some interesting developments. The body count got a little unnecessary but a few were handled quite well (finally using the ricin!)

TV – Breaking Bad: Season 4: A+

Breaking_Bad season4A+
Now I understand the hype. This season had all the suspense and intensity I’d been waiting for. Cranston and Paul were both at their absolute best. Saul and Mike also have their fair share of entertaining moments. After Season 3‘s fantastic finale, it starts frantic and proceeds to showdown after showdown culminating in an even better final episode.

TV – Breaking Bad: Season 3: A

Breaking_Bad season3A
Here we go. Breaking Bad finally figured itself out. The quirky camera work and general oddness has properly gelled now, and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul both highlight everything quite well. We get some great moments of suspense too, especially in the final episode. Even Hank and Skyler get some fairly interesting arcs. It took a while, but now the show’s accolades seem warranted.

TV – Breaking Bad: Season 2: B+

Breaking_Bad season2B+
They certainly fixed several problems from season 1. The engaging episodes outweighed the lack-luster ones and there were tons of entertaining moments. But Skyler began her decent into hyper-annoying and most of the other minor characters are still fairly boring. Cranston’s prowess started to really shine though, and I enjoyed the finale. It gets a “most improved” trophy for this season, which is better than the participation ribbon it got for it’s first season.

TV – Breaking Bad: Season 1: C+

Breaking_Bad season1C+
At first it wanted to be quirky, but didn’t quite commit to that. Then it wanted to be tense, but wasn’t sure about that either. Then it thought about being bold or daring, but decided to stick with familiar territory. Overall, the whole season had 3 entertaining moments and two of them were in the first two episodes and the third was ruined by poor editing decisions. I can see how this show could improve and catch up to the hype surrounding it, but I’m not sure how it caught on so well after this mediocre inaugural season.

Movie – Argo: A

I love suspense. Love it. Apparently Affleck loves it too, and shoved tons of it into Argo. Some could be seen as forced to those less inclined to the tactic, but I ate it up. It also combined the seemingly polar subjects of international conflict and a satirical look at Hollywood surprisingly well. Lots of great actors too.