Movie – Oz the Great and Powerful: F

oz great and powerfulF
They littered this film with such terrible CG, I think Disney was creating one of those rides where you wear the 3D glasses and then decided to scrap that and turn it into a movie. The constant in-your-face-for-3D shots combined with blatant greenscreening ruined any hope at decent cinematography. The plot was beyond nonsense and actors screeched and lumbered through their horrendous dialog. I can’t even tell who to blame; the actors for their awful performances, Raimi for failing to direct them in any way, or the writers for forcing those scenes on them.


Movie – The Bourne Legacy: A-

Spy thrillers seem a genre I always forget I love so much, and the Bourne trilogy is among the best out there. I enjoyed this new direction, but felt the motivations were a little off, though I admit in retrospect Damon’s Bourne’s amnesia is also fairly weak. The action, however, was solid and entertaining. Lots of it reminded of similar scenes in the other Bourne films, but I enjoyed that rather than lamenting any stagnancy. Renner remains an actor that I’ve enjoyed watching, but not one that excites me.

Movie – The Whistleblower: B

While not particularly remarkable, I can’t find anything substantial to fault. I had a few plot and pacing hang-ups, but that usually happens when something gets “based on a true story” as they steer clear of the melodrama that I seem to enjoy so much in favor of “accuracy.” The ending wasn’t quite satisfying, but it wasn’t dissatisfying either. Rachel Weisz wasn’t at her best, but her best isn’t amazing anyway.