Movie – 300: Rise of an Empire: B

300 rise of an empireB
Like 300, it’s a mostly random mosaic of stylized action, sculpted abs, and testing the very limits of hyperbole. But most of what made 300 so guiltily entertaining came from its source material. The best visuals, and all of its numerous fun-to-quote lines come from Frank Miller’s comic. Without those, the film drags when you aren’t witnessing one of the great battle scenes (this time entirely naval, which was fun). Ava Green attempts to steal the show, and Sullivan Stapleton’s performance attempts to let her, but neither of them could recapture the fun of Gerard Butler’s ridiculous yet awesome Leonidas. Perhaps it was his beard. It was probably the beard.


Movie – Man of Steel: B-

man of steelB-
I’m trying to look back and think of a moment where I thought, “that was awesome!” But I can’t. And when none of the attempts at substance work, a film needs those moments. The pseudoscience was bad, but not quite “reverse time by spinning the earth backwards” bad. The CG fight scenes looked cartoony, which is where I think Superman should stay. Remarkably unremarkable.

Movie – Sucker Punch: C+

The action sequences portrayed in the trailer were fantastic and fun. Unfortunately, it took a long time to get to each, and their rationale was questionable at best. I wish it had been a video game so I could’ve skipped the cut-scenes to get to the action. I likened it to the Transformers movies; conversations were painful while the CGI action scenes were great. The dream structure of the film also had a useless extra layer, confusing the audience about what actually happened. This fault may seem even more glaring because of Inception’s masterful weaving of dreams within dreams. Masterful, Sucker Punch was not.