Comic – Swamp Thing vol2: Family Tree: A-

swamp thing vol2A-

After all the emotion of the first volume, it’s nice to watch some Swamp Thing brawling. And his design is awesome. I love how he shifts and grows based on the situation and his mood. And his foes are great too, like something out of Hellboy or the horror comics of the 70’s. And like the first volume, I appreciate the continued use of unique layouts and their allusion to Moore’s 90’s series. I could’ve skipped the #0 and the Swamp Thing Annual stories included in this volume, not because they were poorly done, but because they jarringly altered the flow of the narrative, and that they weren’t consistent with the style.

Comic – Swamp Thing vol1: Raise Them Bones: A-

swamp thing vol1A-
There seemed like several attempts to emulate the style of the excellent Alan Moore Swamp Thing of the 90’s, which I welcomed. The writing wasn’t quite up to his standard unfortunately, but I did still enjoy it. It’s odd how tied to Animal Man’s ongoing series, yet manages to make them each readable without the other. I would have preferred if he’d actually turned into Swamp Thing by the end, but I’m enjoying the melodrama.