Movie – Odd Thomas: B

odd thomasB
It’s weird seeing Anton Yelchin (the actor who plays Chekov in the new Trek films) in a different role, especially a lead one. But he did a great job with what he had, which unfortunately was a fairly sophomoric film, almost like a student movie with a studio budget. The effects were actually quite good, but the sets felt like theater more than film, and the dialog flowed with a quirky yet awkward cadence along the lines of something like Juno. The story is kinda lazy, with a pacing that tries for exciting but ends up mostly feeling forced. It’s an odd little film, sweet and fun but not quite filling.

Movie – The Hunter: B+

Indie films often have a large number of scenes that exist for reasons beyond furthering the plot. It’s one of the most obvious differences between them and Hollywood films. The Hunter had an interesting premise when it remembered it, but sometimes was just too atmospheric. If you ignore the final scene, it had a great ending.

Movie – John Carter: B

I enjoyed John Carter despite how much it didn’t want me to. It’s not that it didn’t have problems, because it had enough to fill a college thesis. Perhaps being the first big blockbuster in a while, I allowed myself to get caught up in the adventure of it. The aliens looked cool but not remarkable, but their vessels were pretty nifty. But some of them were awful. And the plot was overly complicated yet thematically contrived. The more I think about it, the more problems I find, so I’d better stop thinking about it. That’s probably not a good marketing strategy for them.