TV – Justified: Season 3: A-

justified season3A-
It begins with a great stand-alone episode whose final scene reminded me why I liked Timothy Olyphant’s character, and the show in general. When you cultivate such strong characters, as Justified does, including those only used in a single episode, it’s a simple thing to keep the viewer interested. It introduced several entertaining new characters and improved many of the existing ones. My only minor complaint remains that the Boyd character and his mini-arcs remain mostly a lull in the main, more compelling plot-lines.


TV – Justified: Season 2: A-

justified season-2A-
The story arcs of season 2 were better written, with a hillbilly mafia thing that worked pretty well. But the characters seemed to have changed in ways I didn’t care for, specifically Boyd Crowder, and even more specifically, his dialog style. There were several fantastic episodes, including a finale that gave me all the proper catharsis. It almost felt like Icelandic sagas, with all the blood debts and their messy fallouts.

TV – Justified: Season 1: A

justified season-1A
I started off loving the main character, with his exasperated yet friendly approach to criminals, but then Boyd Crowder stole the show. His dialog is simply wonderful. Even most of the minor or one-shot characters usually have an entertaining distinction. The plots could’ve been better, but they serve enough as a foundation for me to enjoy the show on the strength of the strong characters. The whole show feels like funny yet believable stories formal marshals might recount to each other over a beer.