Movie – Prisoners: A+

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a thriller this much. It was consistently, and masterfully, suspenseful. It overflowed with amazing performances, especially from Jackman. It had a constant state of uncomfortable dread that continued to haunt after the film ended.


Movie – Dead Man Down: C-

dead man downC-
It did a poor job of establishing the characters and their relationships early, and as a result I was totally lost for a while. Eventually I figured it out, but by then it was too late to enjoy the developments. It started and ended in gunfights, and was populated in between with slow relationship drama that’s mediocre at best.

Movie – Red Tails: C-

At one point Terrence Howard’s character compares another to a comic strip character. That was unintentionally apt, as no character in this film has any discernible depth. Cuba Gooding is pointless, having more facial expressions than lines. The credits are plastered annoyingly over the opening action sequence (probably the best in the film.)  A lack of interest in any of the characters dissolves any tension future action scenes might have, especially with the truly awful dialog breaking up every single dogfight.