Movie – Lone Survivor: A+

lone survivorA+
You know those scenes where, after they’re over, you can hear the audience release their collective held breath? Well that’s basically the entire second act of Lone Survivor. It’s intense and engaging in a visceral sense. Every time the characters start to have a cliche war-film conversation, BOOM! Explosion in your face. Ain’t no time for talking! It’s a little yee-haw-go-America and had some somewhat sappy moments with the “good” Afghans, but probably less so than most other modern war films. I just wish the title wasn’t so spoilery.

Movie – Savages: F

This film has killed everything it could, including hopes I had of John Travolta and Selma Hayek remaining exciting casting choices. It murdered any suspicion that Blake Lively might one day be taken seriously. It executed all remaining thought I had of Oliver Stone’s relevance. There may have been a story in there somewhere, but it was so hideously disfigured that “savage” would be too nice a term to describe the action that ruined it so heinously.

Movie – John Carter: B

I enjoyed John Carter despite how much it didn’t want me to. It’s not that it didn’t have problems, because it had enough to fill a college thesis. Perhaps being the first big blockbuster in a while, I allowed myself to get caught up in the adventure of it. The aliens looked cool but not remarkable, but their vessels were pretty nifty. But some of them were awful. And the plot was overly complicated yet thematically contrived. The more I think about it, the more problems I find, so I’d better stop thinking about it. That’s probably not a good marketing strategy for them.