Comic – All-New X-Men vol1: Yesterday’s X-Men: A-

all new xmen vol1A-
The premise, (that Beast brought the original X-Men to the present so that adult Cyclops can feel bad about his current situation) certainly seems to be a thinly-veiled commentary on the sad state of the modern X-Men timeline. Bendis handles the original X-Teens reacting to their future selves quite well and their interactions feel genuine, especially the Beasts. I did find it odd that Angel was basically ignored, but perhaps that’s a seed for future events. As someone who hasn’t read any current X-Men in quite some time, it was easy to jump into, despite all their convoluted recent history. I always enjoy Immonen’s art and he continued to deliver.


Comic – Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.: A+

Warren Ellis needs to be given more free reign to wage war with (and against) Marvel’s minor characters. And Immonen works perfectly with the style, most awesomely demonstrated by the penultimate issue where the team fights through wave after wave of insane and parodical opponents for 8 hilariously glorious 2-page spreads. But every issue is great, dripping with dark humor and frantic absurdity. Action comedy at its finest.

Comic – Moving Pictures: C-

This comic reminded me of several things. The art reminded me of Persepolis, though the story was nowhere near as poignant. The genre brought up the much better comic Maus and Weisel’s Night, after which a tale of someone’s emotional hardships while attempting to preserve museum paintings hardly seems worthy. It also reminded me of this website.