Movie – Despicable Me 2: B

despicable me 2B
Once again, I just couldn’t quite shake the feeling that this film wasn’t for me. There were cute things and whatnot but it was all very tired. I did enjoy Kristen Wiig’s character’s slapsticky franticness. The minions predictably got a greater focus, perhaps too much greater, but I did enjoy most of their antics. The story’s several abrupt character changes served only to move things along where they needed to go.

Movie – Crazy Stupid Love: C

I’m not sure who the target audience was, since it was essentially a romantic comedy and a quirky midlife crisis mashed together. Romantic films are known for their ridiculous coincidences, but this one had too many to take. The genre-aware scenes (such as Steven Carrel commenting “what a cliche” when it starts raining on him after a fight) were funny at first, but if you’re going to point out your own cliches, it makes all the others that aren’t jokes even more glaring. Somewhat slow, but mildly touching.