Movie – Lincoln: A

Like The Academy, I’m a sucker for speeches and stories about racism. Lincoln was wonderfully full of both. I’m much less enthralled by politics, around which, of course, the entire film focused, but luckily the film’s extensive attention to detail and Daniel Day Lewis’ probable-oscar-winning performance brought entertainment to the subject. Biopics should always be set in a limited time frame as this was, rather than the subject’s entire lifetime or even career.


Movie – War Horse: C+

It was like having to watch the boring openings of a half-dozen cliched war movies. Each story was coated in a layer of cheesiness and the attempt to unite them didn’t quite work. The protagonists changed so often you couldn’t care about them, and with no consistent antagonist there was no real sense of danger. What little it did show of WWI was mostly censored and non-committal. Trying to paint all sides of the war just distracted from the horrors it could’ve shown.

Movie – The Adventures of Tintin: A-

Though most have concluded that Tintin is an animated version of Spielberg’s own Indiana Jones, for me it felt more like a close mimicry of all the other Indiana Jones clones than the source itself. Most notably, the complicated yet flowing action scenes, where the landscape is literally falling apart, reminded me of the Uncharted video games. There was certainly enough adventure and wit to make the movie good, but not quite enough to make it notable.