Movie – This Is The End: A-

this is the endA-
I had major doubts, but This Is The End really surprised me. Especially the special effects. They were better than a lot of big-budget affairs. The actors found beautiful caricatures of themselves and drained every drop of humor that could come from that, to fairly funny results. There were a few scenes where the obvious improving lingered a little too long, but an easy premise and simple character arcs made for a breezy, light viewing.

Movie – Kung-Fu Panda 2: A

I’m a kung-fu fan, and the makers of this film were too. Like the original, (and most good animated movies quite frankly) the story adapts a tried and true genre plotline and adapts it for it’s own purposes. Though not quite as good as the first, it delivers when it counts. There were moments of character overload, but with the amount of talented actors and artists this movie gathered it wasn’t overly distracting.

Movie – Paul: B+

I like the other Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy flicks and this one was similar thematically and structurally. I loved the subtle sci-fi references and some of the not-so-subtle ones too. Much of the humor was based on the tried and true rule of “cursing is funny” which is a rule to which I subscribe.  Unfortunately, the story starts in Comic-Con, which brought up recent personal frustrations.  But, of course, I’m not still harboring resentment at all…