Movie – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: B

secret life of walter mittyB
Walter Mitty was cute, like Eat Pray Love for men. It was predictably predictable, but also filled with some great visuals (though that fact too was predictable.) Gorgeous landscapes and a few fun moments carried it enough to be entertaining, but it didn’t quite lead me to the life-reaffirming epiphany I think it wanted me to find.


Movie – Gangster Squad: B-

gangster squadB-
Nothing unique really, but not incompetent. I liked that they used a couple of the long continuous shots that gangster films like to use, but that also showed how the movie was just the sum of many mafia film tropes. The final shootout was a little forced and obviously unrealistic as a result. Emma Stone isn’t quite ready to transition to more “serious” roles. The characters were oddly racially accepting considering the time period, with a token black guy and Hispanic on the team, though they weren’t really any more of a caricature than the others.

Movie – Tree of Life: D

As often is the case for me, I didn’t get the hype. Nothing profound was shown, and certainly not stated. The beginning was like a watching a demo reel of IMAX films on space and dinosaurs overlaid with whispered poetry that sounded like a wrist-cutting high-schooler. (Actual lines: “I cry to you. My soul. My son. Hear us.”) Then we’re treated to a bland tale of a boy hating his father told with minimal dialog and artistic camera work, broken up with hyper-symbolic images of Sean Penn wondering (and wandering) existentially. Pretentious and uninteresting. It was nice to see some scenes set in Houston though.