Movie – Hulk Vs.: B

Hulk is pure brainless smash time. Sometimes this is wildly entertaining. Sometimes it is exceedingly boring. The Hulk vs Thor segment was dull and poorly conceived, while Hulk vs Wolverine contained several well-portrayed characters (best of which was predictably Deadpool) and seemed to delve more into the conflicting nature much more maturely. Still plenty of good smashing though.


Movie – Batman: Year One: C-

Batman Begins took a lot from the same source comic, and did a much better job with it. Bruce Wayne/Batman’s voice was so similar to Gordon’s it was confusing during inner monologues for either character. The art was decent but not great and the story lost all poignancy with the conversion to animation.

Movie – All-Star Superman: B+

The source material is fantastic, as I’ve stated, and the movie version is almost entirely faithful. That “almost” is crucial, however, as they changed some of the best things about the comic, oddly making Superman less impressive and trying to bring him back to the “just punch the problem” Supes from the standard comics. As expected (and required) they left out a few of the story arcs, but the central story still could’ve been reconstructed a little more clearly.

Movie – Thor: Tales of Asgard: C

Both Marvel and DC seem to be churning out the straight-to-dvd animated movies. DC’s have been mostly good. Marvel, not so much. Substandard, TV-series-level animation and poor voice work were dropped haphazardly on a dull plot. The world was oddly non-canonical too. It’s as though the writers didn’t really research much about Norse mythology or even the way the Marvel universe adapted it.