Movie – The Croods: A

The creature designs here enthralled me so wholly that all faults the film had were diminished so much that I couldn’t be bothered to notice. The animation was gorgeous, full of complicated and frantic action that showcased all these amazing monsters quite exceptionally. The family story was passable enough, and done better by other films like How to Train Your Dragon, but the humor found a few chuckles. Not destined to be a classic, but a fun piece of animation.


Movie – Safe House: B+

I enjoyed that this spy thriller utilized an inexperienced spy as its protagonist, but wish there’d been a little more to it. No surprises as Reynolds and The Denzel develop their 3:10 to Yuma-esque relationship. Good, if forgettable, action scenes round out the traditional plotting and dialog to make for an enjoyable watch you’ll forget about soon afterwards.

Movie – Green Lantern: D+

Imagine watching the Transformers movies without the cool robots. That’s what Green Lantern felt like. I’d read that the studio poured an extra $9 million into the special effects after test screenings and it was still awful. I’d hate to see what it looked like before that extra money dump. They should have spent their money on competent screenwriters who can write dialog that doesn’t result in the audience cringing or rolling their eyes. The few good points were the use of actual constructs like miniguns and razor-nets instead the generic energy blasts and force-fields the comics uniformly use and that the other alien Green Lanterns looked cool for the 5 seconds they were on the screen.