Movie – Her: A-

While the story flowed along the normal lines of a relationship drama, the film was really more of a philosophical treatise. Using such an archetypal approach was probably part of the point, actually, and the obvious parallels to contemporary relationship issues fell into place easily, but it lingered at times and failed to stay consistently engaging. Everything was visually stunning and beautifully shot though. I’m also into The Singularity as of late, so this approach to the concept pleased me, as most are more anti-AI.


Movie – Side Effects: B+

side effectsB+
This thriller did everything I expected of it. It had the requisite shocks and plot twists without getting ridiculous. It was suspenseful without over-doing it. The acting and cinematography were on point without drawing attention to themselves. But it was too meticulous, doing everything right but nothing outstanding. That sounds really pretentious doesn’t it?