Movie – Pacific Rim: A

pacific rimA
It was like watching Independence Day with the characters from Top Gun, but with the most amazingly awesome giant monsters cinema has ever seen. Unlike other loud summer films, like say Transformers, the action was nice and fluid, slow enough to feel the punches and, more importantly, follow the action. It had all the best things from the giant monster and/or mech genres, but without most the faults, and with more fun than any of them.


Movie – Conan the Barbarian: C

There were certainly some deliciously gory action sequences, but the story was so convoluted and disjointed I could never care about the fate of any its flat characters. Also, the prop weapons appeared to have been purchased at Party City. I didn’t regret having watched it, but I can’t seem to point to anything truly memorable or noteworthy.

Movie – Drive: C-

Why would a movie called Drive a)have only one lack-luster car chase, and b) not explain any justification for what motivates (i.e. drives) its characters? Staring at another person does not convey emotion. It conveys boredom. The “realistic” approach was unraveled by the excessive gore that begins in the second half of the film.