Movie – Silver Linings Playbook: A

silver linings playbookA
Upon examination, it’s a romantic comedy I suppose, but it certainly didn’t seem like that loathed genre during the viewing. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert De Niro’s characters are all beautifully nuanced and perfectly acted. The humor is smart and continuous. It’s a script where everything just worked.

Movie – Killer Elite: C+

It wasn’t what I was looking for and that may have skewed by viewing. The action was typical Statham (yay!) but the plot never grabbed me. There were a few interesting heist-like assassinations in the middle, but they were so episodic it broke the film’s flow. Statham and Owen’s rivalry wasn’t focused enough and De Niro’s character was pointless.

Movie – Limitless: B-

It is very difficult to write a first-person story about a genius without being a genius. Comic books and other genre stories often run into this problem. I think Flowers for Algernon remains the most successful implementation. Limitless didn’t utterly fail in this regard, but any amount of scrutiny creates doubt. I enjoyed the visuals of the film, such as how it replaced the drab world in which he began the movie with a bright, almost yellow, sheen when on the genius-enabling pill. Overall not boring, but forgettable.

Movie – Machete: A

A wonderfully over-the-top send-up of grindhouse films. Despite the truly awful acting from an unholy triumvirate of female characters (Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Lohan) the limb-chopping action sequences were wonderfully campy.