Movie – Taken 2: B-

taken 2B-
Director Luc Besson has a penchant for making sequels that don’t do much more than attempt to re-show what made his originals so entertaining. Fortunately, that formula still makes for a fairly entertaining ride. Taken 2 didn’t have the glee-inducing scenes of badassery the first did, but it was still pretty fun. It’s hard not to enjoy Liam Neeson kicking ass. It took entirely too long for anyone to actually get “taken” though. A lame car chase with his daughter driving also induced some eye-rolling.


Movie – Colombiana: B

Another generic revenge shoot-em-up. The action was fine and they tried not to let the plot get in the way too much. Zoe Saldana was right for the role and will undoubtedly get plenty more starring action roles if she wants them.