Movie – Rush: B-

It’s odd to compare this to Star Wars, but like Phantom Menace, Rush didn’t really have a main character. It was clearly a biopic, but it tried to be a bi-biopic, focusing on two characters, from the point of view of both with neither being protagonist nor antagonist. Perhaps that was the point. I was wholly ignorant of Formula 1, so I found those segments interesting in their newness, but the majority of the character drama felt bland. Well shot and well performed, but it struggled to keep me engaged.


Movie – The Next Three Days: C

First of all, the “next three days” of the movie, the few days after you escape that it is hardest not to get caught, are not clear, nor are they important. Poor title choices aside, the movie felt like it was three days long. It did a good job at showing the slow, deliberate, and methodical dedication that a jailbreak would take, but that method of story eliminates the suspense. Not a terrible, but an entirely ephemeral experience.