Movie – Erased: C-

It’s sad that Aaron Eckhart can’t seem to be in anything good outside of The Dark Knight. This time we have a blatant copy of much better movies, especially recent Liam Neeson actioners like Taken or Unknown. The plot flops along from decent shootouts to mediocre car chases without anything remarkable. And of course there’s the forced (and quite annoying) daughter/father relationship to explore.


Movie – Quantum of Solace: C+

quantum of solaceC+
It feels like the forced sequel it is. It doesn’t really do anything entirely wrong per se, but nothing really stands out. The villain couldn’t have been more boring and really didn’t seem all that villainous. Things happen and then it ends. It’s wholly unremarkable and unengaging.

Movie – Oblivion: A

This has been the summer of Post-Earth stories, but I think Oblivion is the only one that really did it right. The story has a few turns, but allows you to see around the corners instead of yanking you through twists. It could be argued that this equates predictability, but I think it’s just sound story structure. Tom Cruise’s casting couldn’t have been better, and his co-stars worked well too. It’s a world both beautifully imagined and visualized. Good, solid science fiction.