Movie – Headhunters: B+

It’s rare to see a protagonist drug through so much crap (in one case literally). It takes a roguish art thief and pits him against a villainous (and well cast) Nikolas Coster-Waldau. Once it gets going, we’re led swiftly on a suspenseful, if a bit comically exaggerated thriller. It all plays out well, but as you’d suspect it would. Entertaining enough but ultimately just another action thriller.


Movie – Kon-Tiki: A

It started quick, with just enough setup to lay the groundwork without getting laborious. The structure was a bit cliche at times, and being based on true events held back much of the potential drama, (as it always does) but it still found several great moments of tension and character on the open sea. The visuals were awesome, especially of the various sea life they came across (reminding me of Life of Pi, but less fantastical). These combined with solid performances and creative camera work make Kon-Tiki easily watchable.

Movie – Troll Hunter: A+

As previously stated, I have a mild obsession with Norse mythology. Troll Hunter played right into that with an extremely entertaining portrayal of “real life” trolls. I loved the look of the trolls, almost like puppets but clearly not. I loved the insertion of science into the folklore, and the questioning of what couldn’t be explained. I loved the main “trolljegeren” guy and his unwavering badassness. It was everything I hoped it would be.