Comic – Earth 2 vol2: The Tower of Fate: B


The dialog in this book is painful. There was definitely some throbbing in my temple as I read it. It’s like middle school fanfiction you’d find on some internet forum. But the story works just fine, and there are some great moments when no one is talking. Also, Doctor Fate was one of my favorites from back when JSA was still a thing, so I was looking forward to his return, which didn’t disappoint.

Comic – Earth 2 vol1: The Gathering: A-

Being a sort of canon elseworlds series, Earth 2 seems like a blast to write. It allows them to kill off “major” characters, and reinvent legacy heroes like Flash and Green Lantern without all that messy legacy. And since the world is already post-apocalyptic, (or rather post-Apokoliptic in this case) they’re free to go nuts with the destruction and body counts. It does come to yet another forced team up though, and I can’t help but think a deeper focus on any individual character would be a better approach.