Movie – Much Ado About Nothing: A-

much ado about nothingA-
Sometimes I forget how good Shakespearian dialog is. But then Whedon assembled an amazing cast to remind me. I  concede that it’s basically just a romantic comedy, with all the usual silliness that entails. But all the Elizabethan dialog and black and whiteness, (though probably pretentious) give it enough feux-sophistication that I give it a pass.

Movie – Monsters University: B+

monsters universityB+
I’m not sure why they thought a parody of college life would make for a good PG film, and most of its problems stem from that. The animation is still top notch, most notably when in the “human world,” and the busy scenes full of monsters were beautiful. The new characters were a motley pile of “OK” with the exception of Dean Hardscrabble, whose design was sheer awesomeness. Naturally, the talented voice cast did a great job. Unfortunately, Pixar is just no longer a standard, and Monsters University is just another unnecessary sequel. Futurama’s “Mars University” episode remains the best animated college story.

Movie – Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox: A

flashpoint paradoxA
I always have a good time visiting alternate reality worlds, and Flashpoint’s was another fun one. I’m also partial to stories that load up with cameos from minor characters and Flashpoint delivered in that respect too. The action was good and plentiful, and I enjoyed The Flash as the main character. The animation seemed a bit cheap, but if that is what’s required for DC to keep putting out more quality animated movies, I can live with it.

Movie – Green Lantern: Emerald Knights: A-

DC should continue the short-story style. Batman: Gotham Knight was good, and the shorts attached some of their other films were pretty great too, especially The Spectre. Emerald Knights was hit and miss, but with the multi-story format, this is forgivable. Several were fantastic, and the voice work was superb, aside from what at first seemed terrible casting for Kilowog, but not terrible enough that I noticed for long.