Movie – Man of Steel: B-

man of steelB-
I’m trying to look back and think of a moment where I thought, “that was awesome!” But I can’t. And when none of the attempts at substance work, a film needs those moments. The pseudoscience was bad, but not quite “reverse time by spinning the earth backwards” bad. The CG fight scenes looked cartoony, which is where I think Superman should stay. Remarkably unremarkable.


Movie – Premium Rush: B

premium rushB
For a movie purporting to be so fast-paced, it sure was easy to see everything coming. Things moved along quickly enough to stave off boredom, but too formulaic; like re-watching a race after knowing who wins. Still interesting but without the adrenaline. And the antagonist was entirely too cartoonish. The only character I really liked was the bike cop and he was just a repeated gag character.