Comic – Lazarus, book1: Family: B

Post-apocalyptic stories seem to dominate comics outside of Marvel and DC lately. They each try their own take, this time being less fantasy/sci-fi and more mafia-esque political drama (though still with immortal supersoldiers to provide the sci-fi element). Perhaps Lazarus would’ve been fine without my weariness toward the subject. While it provided plenty of attempts at tension, I never felt the suspense it seemed to searched for, nor was I wowed by the occasional martial arts or gunfights. Everything was competently crafted, but not outstandingly so.


Comic – Batman: Nine Lives: A

Batman already uses lots of elements from film noir, but this Elseworlds take on it used practically every last one of them. The story twisted and turned just as the genre demands. The takes on Batman’s iconic rogues gallery were mostly well imagined, but I thought they may have tried to hard to include too many. I loved that Grayson was the protagonist, since his character more suitably fits the typical private eye.