Movie – Prisoners: A+

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a thriller this much. It was consistently, and masterfully, suspenseful. It overflowed with amazing performances, especially from Jackman. It had a constant state of uncomfortable dread that continued to haunt after the film ended.


Movie – Olympus Has Fallen: C

olympus has fallenC
Events happened as the plot needed them, rather than attempting any semblance of believability. The villain’s logic was riddled with more holes than the annoyingly incompetent secret service men who were slaughtered so pointlessly. The “good guys” weren’t much better in the decision-making department though. It was so hard to feel concern for characters I thought were so dumb. The initial attack was fairly actiony, but it’s hard to enjoy the game if your team is losing by a wide margin. The action picks up, allowing Gerard Butler to Die-Hard his way through the White House, but never amounts to much and is littered with terrible CG.