Movie – Now You See Me: B+

now you see meB+
Like Trance, you can expect a movie about magicians and misdirection to have a high level of plot twistiness. Unlike Trance, the final twist is incredibly forced and doesn’t make any sense under even slight scrutiny. Fortunately, the ride along the way is entertaining enough and is populated with actors I like enough to enjoy, though surprisingly Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman aren’t up to their usual standards. It starts with some awful spinning camera tedium and is filled with terrible dialog by bystanders, audience members, and news reporters. But these annoying details are largely forgiven by some fun scenes, such as the initial police interrogations and the various magic performances/heists.


Movie – The Avengers: A+

Avengers represents everything that is great about the summer blockbuster. It was witty, entertaining, and full of memorable moments. The characters were portrayed exactly as I’d hoped, with a surprising amount of depth given the limited amount of screen time available that comes from having such a large cast. My only real complaint was that the enemy aliens were fairly bland, though to counter that, their big snake ship things were fairly awesome.