Movie – Ides of March: A-

Though not a lot happened per se, the expert plot progression engaged me throughout. Gosling played his familiar emotionless protagonist, but played it well. Clooney’s character’s political positions were distractingly exaggerated to a cartoonish level. Hoffman and Giamatti excelled.

Movie – Crazy Stupid Love: C

I’m not sure who the target audience was, since it was essentially a romantic comedy and a quirky midlife crisis mashed together. Romantic films are known for their ridiculous coincidences, but this one had too many to take. The genre-aware scenes (such as Steven Carrel commenting “what a cliche” when it starts raining on him after a fight) were funny at first, but if you’re going to point out your own cliches, it makes all the others that aren’t jokes even more glaring. Somewhat slow, but mildly touching.

Movie – The Lincoln Lawyer: A-

This is an engaging story of a defense lawyer’s world with continual, and varied, emotional twists. Great characters engaging in believable conversations. The story, while entertaining, was nothing new. My favorite parts were those showing a more detailed and realistic take on how defense lawyers work than is usually portrayed in film and especially TV.