Movie – World War Z: B+

world war zB+
Though I’d heard it had absolutely nothing to do with the book (which of course I loved and recommend as the best zombie-rated piece of media I’ve ever consumed), it isn’t quite just a zombie movie with a title stolen from the novel. There were several ideas taken from the book it hinted toward, and the globe-skipping aspect remained somewhat intact. And it was a pretty darn good zombie film, wasting no time before the initial outbreak, and leaving genre-blindness mostly behind. The zombie behaviors and scenes were almost all fantastic, except for their cliche twitching and dumb sound-effects. Also the ridiculous final plot resolution. I enjoyed the “ant mound” scene but it was nearly ruined by bad CG, but there were plenty of other great ideas too (Zombies on a plane!). It’s pandering to a PG-13 rating also hurt the film significantly, and having things happen slightly off camera woefully hindered the cinematography.


Movie – Quantum of Solace: C+

quantum of solaceC+
It feels like the forced sequel it is. It doesn’t really do anything entirely wrong per se, but nothing really stands out. The villain couldn’t have been more boring and really didn’t seem all that villainous. Things happen and then it ends. It’s wholly unremarkable and unengaging.