Movie – Harry Brown: B+

The story was a bit lacking, but it was interesting enough to keep me engaged. The action was ruthless and realistic, but most of the other characters were exaggerated and hard to believe. As always, Michael Caine is awesome.


TV – Game of Thrones: Season 1: A+

Like most shows with such a numerous cast, it took a bit to establish each of the characters, but they did so quickly enough that I wasn’t ever lost. Lots of different plot lines with different emotional underscores melded seamlessly as I discovered the goals and faults of all the various central characters. I raged at the characters I was supposed to hate, felt for those for whom sympathy was expected, and celebrated those who I couldn’t help but root for. I eagerly await season two.

Movie – The Tournament: C+

The premise is similar to several other films, most notably Battle Royale. This film seemed to know about the camp and silliness such a plot entails, but never fully embraced it. Though predictable and jam-packed with cliche characters and trite plot devises, people got sploded and endless streams of bullets riddled bodies in pleasantly non-CG ways.