TV – Game of Thrones: Season 1: A+

Like most shows with such a numerous cast, it took a bit to establish each of the characters, but they did so quickly enough that I wasn’t ever lost. Lots of different plot lines with different emotional underscores melded seamlessly as I discovered the goals and faults of all the various central characters. I raged at the characters I was supposed to hate, felt for those for whom sympathy was expected, and celebrated those who I couldn’t help but root for. I eagerly await season two.

Movie – The Tournament: C+

The premise is similar to several other films, most notably Battle Royale. This film seemed to know about the camp and silliness such a plot entails, but never fully embraced it. Though predictable and jam-packed with cliche characters and trite plot devises, people got sploded and endless streams of bullets riddled bodies in pleasantly non-CG ways.