Movie – The Wolf of Wall Street: A-

wolf of wall streetA-
Like Scarface, this film is destined to be adored by dudebros who miss the point. It has been described as “three hours of debauchery” and while that description is not wrong per se, there is a message about his downfall in there somewhere. Jonah Hill gave another confusingly good performance alongside DiCaprio’s predictably solid one (though the more memorable aspect of his performance mostly involved spasming around drunk and/or in a drug-enduced epilepsy).


Movie – Django Unchained: A

django unchainedA
Tarantino’s story structures always bound and meander at a different pace than others, but his masterful delivery of scenes never fails. Django was more coherent than his last film, but it still lept about in places. As usual, the music was a perfect cornucopia of eclectic styles that always somehow fit.  Christopher Waltz could not have been better. I hope he wins things.

Movie – J. Edgar: C

Biopics seem to think that you have to show someone’s entire history for it to be interesting. Way too much going on. Also, why oh why didn’t they cast older actors to play Hoover and Tolson as old men. The bulbous make-up made them look like Klingons. Direction and acting were fine, blah blah blah. Ultimately tedious.