Movie – Looper: A

I love time travel when it’s done as well as this. I didn’t expect the heavy levels of another sci-fi element, but it worked well too. Its vision of a more conceivable future was well-formed and it was easy to accept how things “worked” in order to be lead along by the story. Some slow parts, but still quite satisfying.


Movie – State of Play: A

I saw this in the theater when it came out but I don’t remember enjoying it as much. It had several of the good kind of plot twists. You know, the kind that make you say, “of course!” instead of, “wait, what?” Plenty of good acting, and from actors I like. I must have been tired or something the first time.

Movie – The Lookout: B

It was a well-woven story with a fulfilling climax. Both the characters and the plot were believable. It utilized stylistic and literary themes with subtle grace. Unfortunately, I could barely stay awake. If I didn’t know the movie was about a heist, something at which it doesn’t even hint for a long while, I’m not sure I would’ve finished it. The entertaining ending left a satisfying taste but it still clashes with the lingering boredom from the first act. Would’ve been a better as a book I think.