Movie – How to Train Your Dragon 2: A-

how to train your dragon 2A-
The animation was fantastic, the new dragons fun, and the story well-plotted, but none of it felt nearly as funny or clever as the first film. It also had some odd pacing, with the slower dramatic family moments clashing with the central conflict’s foreboding urgency. If I wasn’t so distracted with comparing it to its predecessor, I’m sure I would’ve been enthralled, especially by the dragon battles, but it just couldn’t surpass that strong precedent.


Movie – This Is The End: A-

this is the endA-
I had major doubts, but This Is The End really surprised me. Especially the special effects. They were better than a lot of big-budget affairs. The actors found beautiful caricatures of themselves and drained every drop of humor that could come from that, to fairly funny results. There were a few scenes where the obvious improving lingered a little too long, but an easy premise and simple character arcs made for a breezy, light viewing.