Movie – Epic: B-

First of all, I can’t see any justification for naming this film Epic. It was certainly adventurous and tries to be funny and charming (though it only marginally succeeds) but definitely not epic. It had lots of stylistic choices that may have seemed good in theory, but in practice left much to be desired. I dreaded every scene featuring the frantic and busy father character and the comic relief were dumb and distracting. The central magical McGuffin was inconsistent at best, most of the time not really making any sense, even to the characters in the film. But some of the scenes were fun and the voice talent performed well. I can see how it would’ve been a good pitch, but it wasn’t quite what I believe its creators wanted it to be.


Movie – Horrible Bosses: C+

There were some good, if predictable, scenes, but too many characters to establish. I don’t think they needed three sets of bosses and employee. Two bosses would’ve been fine for the story but I guess it needed some sexiness so Aniston’s character was shoved in. Spacey plays a good crazy though, and Jamie Foxx’s pseudo-grittiness was a great foil to the protagonists’ suburban dialog.