Movie – State of Play: A

I saw this in the theater when it came out but I don’t remember enjoying it as much. It had several of the good kind of plot twists. You know, the kind that make you say, “of course!” instead of, “wait, what?” Plenty of good acting, and from actors I like. I must have been tired or something the first time.


Movie – Horrible Bosses: C+

There were some good, if predictable, scenes, but too many characters to establish. I don’t think they needed three sets of bosses and employee. Two bosses would’ve been fine for the story but I guess it needed some sexiness so Aniston’s character was shoved in. Spacey plays a good crazy though, and Jamie Foxx’s pseudo-grittiness was a great foil to the protagonists’ suburban dialog.

Movie – Paul: B+

I like the other Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy flicks and this one was similar thematically and structurally. I loved the subtle sci-fi references and some of the not-so-subtle ones too. Much of the humor was based on the tried and true rule of “cursing is funny” which is a rule to which I subscribe.  Unfortunately, the story starts in Comic-Con, which brought up recent personal frustrations.  But, of course, I’m not still harboring resentment at all…