Movie – The Amazing Spider-Man 2: B-

amazing spiderman 2B-
Nearly all the action sequences could be called “amazing” but unfortunately I’d already seen most of them in the previews, despite attempting to avoid them. But I digress. They finally got Spider-Man’s wittiness down. His mid-fight quips are the best yet and Peter and Gwen are eye-rollingly adorable. But man did the story make no sense. There was so much forced plotting and ridiculous coincidence it’s hard to quantify it all. Far too many characters and plotlines and not enough cohesion.


Movie – White House Down: C-

white house downC-
I was tempted to just copy/paste my review of Olympus Has Fallen, as they share so many faults. The forced plotting. The occational decent action in a sea of dumb decision-making. Though this one had Emmerich’s awful attempts at silliness to punctuate the badness. He also decided to make it more politically biased. Jamie Foxx (as a not-at-all disguised Obama) and Tatum worked fairly well together, but not enough to distract from the rest of the astounding ridiculousness.

Movie – Django Unchained: A

django unchainedA
Tarantino’s story structures always bound and meander at a different pace than others, but his masterful delivery of scenes never fails. Django was more coherent than his last film, but it still lept about in places. As usual, the music was a perfect cornucopia of eclectic styles that always somehow fit.  Christopher Waltz could not have been better. I hope he wins things.

Movie – Horrible Bosses: C+

There were some good, if predictable, scenes, but too many characters to establish. I don’t think they needed three sets of bosses and employee. Two bosses would’ve been fine for the story but I guess it needed some sexiness so Aniston’s character was shoved in. Spacey plays a good crazy though, and Jamie Foxx’s pseudo-grittiness was a great foil to the protagonists’ suburban dialog.