Movie – Prisoners: A+

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a thriller this much. It was consistently, and masterfully, suspenseful. It overflowed with amazing performances, especially from Jackman. It had a constant state of uncomfortable dread that continued to haunt after the film ended.


Movie – End of Watch: C+

end of watchC+
Some writer or exec must have been watching reruns of Cops and decided it needed to be a movie. There wasn’t much of a narrative arc at all and tons of time jumps. The odd commitment to the hand-camera subgenre just didn’t work, especially during scenes without the main characters. I kept expecting something to tie the scenes together in some meaningful way but then there’s a climax and the movie ends abruptly.

Movie – Source Code: B+

Duncan Jones, the director of Moon’s, second sci-fi undertaking was not quite on par with his first, but he’d set the bar high for himself. I enjoyed the new take on time-travel but the “science” it tried to explain didn’t sit quite right with me. The characters were a little too exaggerated and the plot a little too predictable. The constant resetting as he delved back into the “source code” was almost too much, touching on the main problem of the awful film Vantage Point. I use all the above qualifiers such as “little too” and “almost” because, despite these minor setbacks, the movie was enjoyed.