Movie – Bernie: A-

For someone so frantic, Jack Black imbues just the right amount of subtle humor into the titular character. He carries the film, though its quirky true-life story provides quite a bit of humor by itself. The mockumentary style works, especially after a certain revelation during the credits. A few lethargic segments though.


Movie – Be Kind, Rewind: B

Though quite sappy, it exhibited enough quirkiness to remain entertaining. The “sweded” films were certainly the best part, though I may be a bit biased having “starred” in several no-budget films created by my auteur friend Josh. (The best of which can be viewed here.)

Movie – Kung-Fu Panda 2: A

I’m a kung-fu fan, and the makers of this film were too. Like the original, (and most good animated movies quite frankly) the story adapts a tried and true genre plotline and adapts it for it’s own purposes. Though not quite as good as the first, it delivers when it counts. There were moments of character overload, but with the amount of talented actors and artists this movie gathered it wasn’t overly distracting.