Movie – Cloud Atlas: B+

cloud atlasB+
If I hadn’t read the book, I’m fairly certainly I would’ve missed most of the point. I concede that the change in structure was probably necessary (the movie jumped around between the stories, while books went through half of each chronologically, then back through for the other halves), but I felt that while it helped establish a point to the concept, it hurt the individual tales, not allowing them to live in separate genres. How they transformed the actors into different characters across the narratives was astounding though, and half the fun for me, and probably for the actors too. Great moments, but disjointed. Probably the best possible adaptation it could’ve gotten though.


Movie – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: A+

hobbit unexpected journeyA+
While the Lord of the Rings trilogy is epic and awesome, The Hobbit is fun and energetic. I was surprised to find myself more impressed with the visuals than I was with LOTR. The exposition flashbacks were especially amazing, each dwarf and orc looking fantastic. The only time I felt it dragging was when they departed from the primary source material to further establish its position as a prequel (and no doubt pad the length enough to account for 3 three-hour films.) As Peter Jackson had done before, everything lived up to, or exceeded, what I had envisioned.

Movie – Captain America: A-

Captain America offers no surprises and no scene truly wowed me. That said, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It took a while for him to really get down to the real Captain America-ing, but that was ok, since that time was spent building interesting characters. Hugo Weaving was great as Red Skull but his accent wavered, and that’s being generous. I also really liked how it began to tie everything together for Avengers, such as the elder Stark and Norse references. Forgoing a scene post-credits for an Avengers trailer however, was not cool.