Movie – Iron Man 3: B+

iron man 3B+
Not as good a start as I was hoping Marvel’s Phase 2 would get, but it knew its strengths and played off them. The Iron Man series, particularly Robert Downey Jr., knows how to inject just the right amount of humor and quips, and this one was no exception. I wasn’t as impressed with the tech this time around though. Tony was stuck either without a suit, or with a malfunctioning prototype for much of the movie, and though the final action sequence was glorious, it felt like too much cool stuff was shoved into it for me to properly absorb it all. They took The Mandarin in a direction I did not expect, but I think I’m pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the rest of villains were extremely bland. I have a feeling I wanted too much, and this film will be one those that I enjoy much more the second time around.


Movie – Contagion: B

The camera work was great, lingering on things people touched to note the inevitable spread of germs. But the film overall lacked any sense of urgency. Too many characters made it difficult to care what happened to one and the scale of the plague was never rendered strikingly enough. The focus on the medical professionals was a mistake, as I assumed (correctly) that the doctors would figure it all out.