Comic – Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard vol1: B+

Mouse-Guard-LofG vol1B+

I’m normally against short story collections by an assortment of creators, but Mouse Guard managed to frame them well. I enjoyed about two-thirds of the tales, but my favorites were those that most closely related to the style and plotting of main series, which kind of defeats the point I suppose. I enjoyed BPRD’s Guy Davis and his story about bats, and decidedly did not enjoy a wildly divergent cartoonish tale. Most fans will find something to like, but not a significant addition to the series.

Comic – B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth vol1: New World: A+

I was worried that after they ended their first super-arc (14 TPB volumes!) it would take a while to get ramped back up. In this volume Houston and Seattle are both destroyed. And that’s just the tip of the epic iceberg. The characters are just so nuanced and perfectly utilized. Writing this review, I realize that the Hellboy universe is by far my favorite comic series, and that no one I know has read hardly any of it, especially B.P.R.D. It’s so good, peoples!

Comic – The Marquis: Inferno: C+

I picked this one up because it is written and illustrated by the illustrator of B.P.R.D., one of my favorite comic series. The art was on par with his work there, especially given the similar subject matter. The story, however, was a bit tedious. When the titular character was hunting down his infernal quarry, the pacing was fast and frantic, usually over within a few pages, but the one-way dialogs he would have with either himself or the statue of his patron saint were repetitive, overly wordy, and boring. The conversations between the captain of the city guard and his inquisitor boss were equally painful, and always the same, and occurred far too often.