Movie – Gravity: A+

Wow. This is a good-un’ people. Even my hyped, semi-space-nerd expectations were fulfilled. The visuals are better than I thought possible, with Cuaron’s signature long shots and camera transitions that I couldn’t even tell how were performed. I’ve liked Cuaron since Children of Men but this solidified him as a favorite director. Clooney delivered a fun, solid performance and Bullock couldn’t have been better, easily trouncing my reservations. It was tense, gorgeous, and thrilling. I know I’m gushing about it like high-schooler after a first date but you should see it. Several times probably.


Movie – Out of Sight: A-

I love me a good heist film. Honestly, there are few heist films I don’t like. I like the elaborate plans and I like the quirky characters. I also like Steven Soderbergh’s penchant for nonlinear stories. I don’t like Jennifer Lopez, but she does occasionally show up in films I otherwise enjoy. Out of Sight wasn’t particularly noteworthy, but rather another decent tale of the debonair thief. Oh, and I also like Luis Guzman.

Movie – The Descendents: B+

I expected quirky. And I got it, but only as a side dish to the drama of the main course. It had a realness that could only be first-hand experience, told with an attempt to lighten up the dark subjects. I left pleased but sad. I’m not sure if paradoxical feelings indicate proper catharsis, but I’m leaning towards yes.

Movie – Ides of March: A-

Though not a lot happened per se, the expert plot progression engaged me throughout. Gosling played his familiar emotionless protagonist, but played it well. Clooney’s character’s political positions were distractingly exaggerated to a cartoonish level. Hoffman and Giamatti excelled.